Monday, 28 June 2010

Leaving connections to chance?

We breathe continually without making a conscious decision to breathe - it just happens.  Does style just happen?  Sometimes, and many people live in hope that today will be one of the days where style just happens to them and lets them connect to the people they want to be closer to - whether that's their partner, the colleagues they work with or the students they teach.  

But the smart folk don't leave it to chance, they find out why certain outfits will work for them, why the choice of colours, lapels or cuts of clothes will help them to connect with specific people.  Then they use that knowledge to make the connection.

Don't leave your non-verbal communication to chance.  Know that the clothes you wear do make a massive difference to how folk relate to you. Use your appearance to make the connection.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe Workshop

The Renideo workshop at Totty Rocks in Edinburgh last Thursday was a wonderful opportunity for like-minded women to meet and consider how to put a capsule wardrobe together for the summer months.  Not only did we learn new tips for our wardrobes but we enjoyed meeting new friends and sharing tips on where to find outfits for summer weddings.  
Eyebrow threading expert Ling Wi was on hand to prove how easy it is to create structure within our faces, even when we're wearing minimal summer make up.  Everyone left with beautifully shaped eyebrows without one hint of pain!  
Samples from luxury skincare brand, Nude, were given to all who came along and Serenity in the City provided vouchers for everyone to visit their little spot of zen in the centre of Edinburgh to have a file and polish.
It was fabulous to get thank you notes, comments included,

"Thanks for a great evening on Thursday. I had been working a 12 hour shift, and really struggled to get away in time, however your evening was really enjoyable and a great way to destress and unwind, and hopefully pick up some hints and tips at the same time.
Look forward to the next one"

"I can see us all looking forward to the 'autumn wardrobe' session!!"

"Thanks again for a lovely evening, we really enjoyed it and learned alot of good tips.... Its always good to get a head start. Thanks again and have a good summer."

"I really enjoyed the evening - so thank you for inviting me. Perhaps we could have another one in the run up to winter and do our winter capsule wardrobe?"


Monday, 14 June 2010

Take charge of your wardrobe.

The foundation of fashion isn't built on slim, tall, beautiful, young people but on those of us who feel that we should be slim or tall or beautiful or young. Fashion feeds on constantly creating a lack. A lack of new styles of clothes, accessories, skincare and make up as well as a lack of self esteem. It's fun to be creative with our appearance to add something new and see how it changes how we look and are perceived but it can also be time consuming, costly and frustrating. A style coach will not necessarily come from a background of fashion or retail, in fact it's best if the coach hasn't been affected by the fashion bullies who insist on telling us how short or long hemlines should be and whether shoulder pads are in or out. However, we ignore trends at our peril, instantly communicating that we're not aware of the contemporary world in which we operate.
Therefore, a style coach will work alongside clients, learning what the client's individual lifestyle requires from their wardrobe as well as helping the client build a clear picture of what he or she would enjoy wearing. Tools used within life coaching are modified to help the clients do this easily and take ownership of their style development rather than "be styled". Stylists will often leave a client feeling inadequate, a style coach will only have done their job well if their clients leave feeling empowered and confident about the clothes that they choose to buy and wear.