Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This will sound quite a strange question and definitely like a marketing ploy but I'm intrigued to find out why so many of my clients are genuinely lovely people?  Yes, they pay me money so I  recognise that I could be biased but I genuinely find my clients are people who enjoy so many parts of life that clothes can often be a hindrance.  Something that gets in the way of doing all the other great things that are there to enjoy.  I'm writing a profile for a client this morning who is accomplished in many areas of life.  I really enjoyed working with him as we considered how his wardrobe could reflect his interests and drive in way that he felt comfortable.  He didn't want to brag, yet often felt frustrated with his clothes.  So he paid me to come and sort out his wardrobe allowing him to get on with all those other wonderful parts of his life.  My clients aren't looking to be fashionable, although many want to include contemporary elements within their wardrobe, but they are looking to make EVERY part of life enjoyable - including opening the wardrobe doors every morning!  
I'm incredibly lucky to meet so many people who teach and inspire me as I work with them.  
Wishing you inspiration and motivation in your work today.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Accept your body shape

I was very fortunate last night to be treated to an evening watching Wayne McGregor's Random Dance. If you have the chance to see it then don't hesitate, a fantastic experience. However, the uniformity of the minimal outfits that each dancer wore was an illustration of how each of us enjoys a completely unique figure.  Each of these dancers must spend a large amount of time practising dance moves as well as exercising to build strength and stamina so we quite rightfully expect to see similar slender, well-toned figures.  What was more surprising to see last night was that while many dancers are quite flat chested others have curvaceous busts.  Boyish hips and flat bottoms were apparent but so were feminine curves and rounded buttocks. 
Yesterday I spent time with a client as we considered her body shape before carrying out a wardrobe edit.  She had enjoyed a boyish figure in her teens and now in her 20's was disparaging about her rounded feminine figure, feeling that she had "gained inevitable weight" as she had grown older.  Together we explored how her figure had changed and all the benefits and new opportunities her curves now presented for new outfits. Slowly she recognised that she hadn't gained weight but had developed her figure and she looked at her wardrobe as an opportunity to celebrate these changes.  There are some aspects of our figures, that no matter how rigorous our exercise regime, are an integral part of who we are.  We can only gain confidence and liberation by accepting each element of our figures and dressing to celebrate our bodies not punish them.