Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sensual Living

There's no doubt that when we feel that we look good, we DO look good.  Our feelings have a lot to do with how good we look as we often radiate confidence when we feel comfortable . Consider the sensual aspects of your life that have nothing to do with your appearance but everything to do with your sense of peace and happiness.  This can vary from the smell of the fabric conditioner that you use to the feel of cashmere next to your skin and will be completely unique to you.  Just because a candle cost an arm and a leg doesn't mean that you'll love your space when the candle is burning.  However, it may be that it's worth having one luxury candle (that's the kind we sell) that you burn for an hour and extinguish while the smell remains instead of ten innocuous cinnamon and vanilla candles.  Today I'd urge you not to think of just the visual pleasure of your appearance but the sensual pleasures of smell, touch, sound and taste.  Personal favourites include the sound of bangles colliding, the touch of my cashmere wrap,the taste of MAC lipstick and the smell of Ecover lavender and aloe liquid soap.  Take the time to enjoy these aspects of your outfit and strike a serene pose - no one will guess it's down to your choice of Lenor!

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