Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Cape Crusader

Oh what a wonderful autumnal day...  Cold enough to warrant me wearing my new cape, dry enough to ensure that the 100% wool content isn't tainted by any raindrops.  If you haven't considered this item for your autumnal wardrobe then get to the shops now and enjoy being a trendsetter.
The main things to consider when trying capes:
  • is the colour in my colour palette?
  • does the length ensure that the cape sits on my knees or above?  * This IS a fashion garment, not to be mistaken with the rain coats worn by coach drivers in BBC Victorian dramas.
  • is there ANY tailoring? Capes have the potential to make us look wide but pockets, collars and tailoring will allow "the cape to drape", not drown....

Monday, 6 September 2010

Can clothes move mountains?

I climbed Ben Nevis this weekend. I'll just repeat that because I can!
I climbed Ben Nevis this weekend and it feels sooo good to be at this end of a trip that has been on my height-terrified mind since a friend suggested that a group of us attempt Ben Nevis in 2010.

The strange thing is that the feel good factor isn't based on the achievement of climbing Scotland's highest mountain. It's based on the friendships that were begun, developed and cemented throughout the whole weekend with people of different ages and genders.  Were the clothes that I was wearing fundamental to the friendships I enjoyed over the weekend?  Clearly not - see pic on right  for proof.  But a sense of self and confidence in who I am was vital and that has been an ongoing project over the past few years that started with a style consultation.  So be careful of your self discovery journey, you might end up at the top of a very high mountain...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Thousandth Man

Aren't these jackets amazing?  Not being an artistic person I'm often in awe of those who are and was fortunate to meet fashion designer Grace Maran recently who created the garments featured above.  Grace has travelled far and lived in exotic parts of the world before settling in Edinburgh to create her own fashion label.  Her latest collection was inspired by Antartic explorers and features details such as embroidered maps within pocket fabric.  These are jackets that I would be very proud of wearing on my Ben Nevis trip in September - oh to look that stylish at the summit!

Check out other pieces from Grace's collection at her blog http://thethousandthman.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Twenty years - younger or older?

I don't believe in bringing people down, it serves no purpose and reflects more on the person who's doing the criticising.  However, reality checks are necessary in order to make sure that we're on course for where we want to go and not drifting off on a tangent.  Which brings me to the lady aged 50 plus (read "plus, plus") walking along on Saturday afternoon wearing pumps, black leggings and a rara skirt. If she'd worn the pumps she'd have looked good.  If she'd worn the pumps and the leggings she would have been pushing the boundaries but may have got away with it. But to add the rara skirt was just too far off course.  This lady had a youthful  figure and looked like great fun but wearing an outfit that only a teenager should wear made her look far older.  On the other hand I've also worked with younger clients who have dressed in a more matronly manner - their outfits have sapped the fun and energy out of them, leaving them feeling older and burdened.

The moral of these stories?  Follow your instinct, have fun - but every now and take a quick reality check and make sure that your clothes are conveying energy and drive rather than yearning for a previous, or future, life stage.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Clothe yourself with value

I believe that the beauty and confidence of a person is founded on their acceptance of her/him self.  Developing your style and wardrobe will be a continuing process that can occur after you have explored and accepted who and what are of value to you in life.  If you recognise that changes have to occur before you can happily accept who you are then make those changes.  Only then will it be possible to develop your appearance to happily reflect yourself.  Otherwise you'll continually look to change your appearance or not bother with your appearance at all...

Monday, 28 June 2010

Leaving connections to chance?

We breathe continually without making a conscious decision to breathe - it just happens.  Does style just happen?  Sometimes, and many people live in hope that today will be one of the days where style just happens to them and lets them connect to the people they want to be closer to - whether that's their partner, the colleagues they work with or the students they teach.  

But the smart folk don't leave it to chance, they find out why certain outfits will work for them, why the choice of colours, lapels or cuts of clothes will help them to connect with specific people.  Then they use that knowledge to make the connection.

Don't leave your non-verbal communication to chance.  Know that the clothes you wear do make a massive difference to how folk relate to you. Use your appearance to make the connection.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe Workshop

The Renideo workshop at Totty Rocks in Edinburgh last Thursday was a wonderful opportunity for like-minded women to meet and consider how to put a capsule wardrobe together for the summer months.  Not only did we learn new tips for our wardrobes but we enjoyed meeting new friends and sharing tips on where to find outfits for summer weddings.  
Eyebrow threading expert Ling Wi was on hand to prove how easy it is to create structure within our faces, even when we're wearing minimal summer make up.  Everyone left with beautifully shaped eyebrows without one hint of pain!  
Samples from luxury skincare brand, Nude, were given to all who came along and Serenity in the City provided vouchers for everyone to visit their little spot of zen in the centre of Edinburgh to have a file and polish.
It was fabulous to get thank you notes, comments included,

"Thanks for a great evening on Thursday. I had been working a 12 hour shift, and really struggled to get away in time, however your evening was really enjoyable and a great way to destress and unwind, and hopefully pick up some hints and tips at the same time.
Look forward to the next one"

"I can see us all looking forward to the 'autumn wardrobe' session!!"

"Thanks again for a lovely evening, we really enjoyed it and learned alot of good tips.... Its always good to get a head start. Thanks again and have a good summer."

"I really enjoyed the evening - so thank you for inviting me. Perhaps we could have another one in the run up to winter and do our winter capsule wardrobe?"