Monday, 6 September 2010

Can clothes move mountains?

I climbed Ben Nevis this weekend. I'll just repeat that because I can!
I climbed Ben Nevis this weekend and it feels sooo good to be at this end of a trip that has been on my height-terrified mind since a friend suggested that a group of us attempt Ben Nevis in 2010.

The strange thing is that the feel good factor isn't based on the achievement of climbing Scotland's highest mountain. It's based on the friendships that were begun, developed and cemented throughout the whole weekend with people of different ages and genders.  Were the clothes that I was wearing fundamental to the friendships I enjoyed over the weekend?  Clearly not - see pic on right  for proof.  But a sense of self and confidence in who I am was vital and that has been an ongoing project over the past few years that started with a style consultation.  So be careful of your self discovery journey, you might end up at the top of a very high mountain...

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