Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Thousandth Man

Aren't these jackets amazing?  Not being an artistic person I'm often in awe of those who are and was fortunate to meet fashion designer Grace Maran recently who created the garments featured above.  Grace has travelled far and lived in exotic parts of the world before settling in Edinburgh to create her own fashion label.  Her latest collection was inspired by Antartic explorers and features details such as embroidered maps within pocket fabric.  These are jackets that I would be very proud of wearing on my Ben Nevis trip in September - oh to look that stylish at the summit!

Check out other pieces from Grace's collection at her blog

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Twenty years - younger or older?

I don't believe in bringing people down, it serves no purpose and reflects more on the person who's doing the criticising.  However, reality checks are necessary in order to make sure that we're on course for where we want to go and not drifting off on a tangent.  Which brings me to the lady aged 50 plus (read "plus, plus") walking along on Saturday afternoon wearing pumps, black leggings and a rara skirt. If she'd worn the pumps she'd have looked good.  If she'd worn the pumps and the leggings she would have been pushing the boundaries but may have got away with it. But to add the rara skirt was just too far off course.  This lady had a youthful  figure and looked like great fun but wearing an outfit that only a teenager should wear made her look far older.  On the other hand I've also worked with younger clients who have dressed in a more matronly manner - their outfits have sapped the fun and energy out of them, leaving them feeling older and burdened.

The moral of these stories?  Follow your instinct, have fun - but every now and take a quick reality check and make sure that your clothes are conveying energy and drive rather than yearning for a previous, or future, life stage.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Clothe yourself with value

I believe that the beauty and confidence of a person is founded on their acceptance of her/him self.  Developing your style and wardrobe will be a continuing process that can occur after you have explored and accepted who and what are of value to you in life.  If you recognise that changes have to occur before you can happily accept who you are then make those changes.  Only then will it be possible to develop your appearance to happily reflect yourself.  Otherwise you'll continually look to change your appearance or not bother with your appearance at all...